Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to a gymnastics class?
Boys and girls may wear tucked in t-shirts and shorts OR leotards. NO chewing gum or jewelry. Hair should be pulled securely away from teh face so that it stays in place. NO jeans or pants with snaps, buttons, or zippers. 

What is a Session and How long do they last?

- A session is a training period that lasts 10-12 weeks during the school year and 4 weeks in the summer. Towards the end of each session the gymnast is evaluated on the skills that they have been learning. If skills have been mastered they will be moved to the next training level.

When are the sessions?

 - Session 1          Fall

 - Session 2          Winter

 - Session 3          Spring 

 - Session 4 & 5   Summer. It is split into 2 short sessions during the summer time.

What is the Anniversary fee for?

All students will be charged and Anniversary fee. This is our registration fee. The fee is good for one year. STARTS IN FALL 2018.

When are payments due?

 - Payment is due at the time of enrollment before each session starts. No gymnast will be allowed to practice until all forms have been completed and payments have been made in full. Anyone not pre-registered will be required to pay a $15.00 administration fee and get director permission to join a class. A gymnast is not considered registered until insurance and tuition had been paid.

Are there discounts or scholarships available?

-  Scholarships: United Way of Brown County provides scholarships to young people from the age of 4 to 18. They are available up to $225 per year (August 1 to July 31), per youth and/or 80% of the activity fees and 50% of equipment cost

Do you offer private lessons?
- Yes, our instructors can do private lessons. Please talk directly with the instructor you would like to do the lesson with. You will need to purchase a $100 punch card, with 8 - 30 minute punches. Punch cards must be purchased before your lessons.

What is the best way to keep up with what's going on at NUAGA?

- Check out the up-to-date information about NUAGA at our website

- Like us on facebook

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‚ÄčFundraising/Volunteer Hours

PROGRESSIVE AND TEAM FAMILIES: To Help keep tuition costs affordable, each family is required to participate in each fundraisers. Fundraisers are in Fall, Winter & Spring. (Happy Joes discount card, Happy Voucher day and Spring Raffle) Each family is also required to volunteer 6 hours/year OR 2 HOURS PER SESSION FOR PROGRESSIVE AND 10 HOURS PER YEAR FOR TEAM. 

Recreational class expectations:

  • VOLUNTEER HOURS are not required for recreational classes  
  • FUNDRAISING: Ages 2-6 are NOT required to participate in fundraising. Ages 7 and up are REQUIRED to participate in fundraising.   

Volunteer Hours:  
Each family is also required to volunteer six hours every year (2 hrs per session). These hours can be put in cleaning the gym, helping during fall fundraiser delivery day, concessions for High School/Team meets, Promotional events such as ECFE Fun Fair, Brown County Fair, and Parades or tasks requested by the director. The volunteer coordinator will notify the club of the upcoming hours available and track your hours.  Hours are tracked by the board. Any unworked hours will be billed out at the end of each session at a rate of $20/hour.

Raffle Tickets


Raffle tickets are only $3 each.

Each family needs to sell 25 tickets.    

         All Cash Prizes 
1st - $300        4th - $50
2nd -$150       5th - $50
3rd -$50        

Raffle tickets can be picked up during Spring Session and stubs returned to the Gym.  Drawing takes place at the end of the Spring Show