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Recreational Programs

        Recreational Classes (2 to 10 years)

This level of gymnastics is geared toward gross motor development in a fun non-competitive setting.

Gymnasts will participate once a week in their class of choice. Participation in their age based class does not

require the completion of any skill testing. Rec classes are a great start to teach young gymnasts to move and

interact with other children in a safe, fun environment. Emphasis on large-motor skills and learning some basic

gymnastics poses/skills! Focus on basic tumbling techniques and beginner skills on all women's

Olympic apparatuses and trampoline.

Classes Offered

  • 2-3 year old - Parent participation required 
  • 4-6 year old
  • 7-9 year old
  • 10 and up

         Progressive Classes 

​Gymnasts in these levels work on the conditioning, flexibilty, safety and technique of each skill. They are evaluated at the end

of each session and progress through the levels based on ability.

NUAGA will now be switching to levels 1 to 3 instead of beginner-advanced. We will have an all-new testing system and

lesson plans. Gymnasts will no longer select days! Gymnasts will sign up for their appropriate level and may attend any/all of

the practices offered.

NUAGA girl’s & boy's program is a non-competitive gymnastics and fitness program which has been designed to offer a

fun, safe and progressive way to learn gymnastics fundamentals. A specific curriculum of skills is set for each level and each event

(vault, bars, balance beam, floor and trampoline).  You can tailor your classes from once a week up to 2-3x/week. The goal is to

develop basic skills for a long lasting career in high level gymnastics.

Preschool : 60 minutes of introduction to basic tumbling techniques and skills. This class is for any child ages 4-6 who would like to work their way into progessive classes.

Level 1 (former beginner 1 & 2): 75 minutes of more advanced beginner techniques and skills.

Level 2 (former Intermediate): 90 minutes. Designed for gymnasts with higher skill level, able to do a backbend on the floor and a pullover on bars. Additional skills learned:  walkovers and hand springs.

 Level 3 (former Advanced): 105 minutes. A recreational class designed for gymnasts with higher skill levels who want to continue learning but not necessarily compete. Gymnasts interested in competition will be invited from this class. 


​​​​Class descriptionsre.

NUAGA has a variety classes available to boys and girls from toddler to competitive.